Global Edit – what we do

Global Edit offers a complete production service, taking content and transforming it into the publication of your choice, whether that's an in-house magazine, an academic journal or a customer newsletter.

You may be your company's communications manager or the person responsible for marketing, but the chances are you're not an expert on graphic formats, typefaces and print technology.

What you do know is you want a publication that meets your brief and your budget and that does not involve chasing around between designers, pre-press firms and printers.

Once you've sent us the content – or we can source the copy and the pictures too, if you wish – all you need do is sit back and wait for the proofs to be e-mailed for your changes or approval.

If you've ever experienced the frustration of trying to oversee the production of a publication yourself, you'll know what a good decision you've made.


Global Edit takes care of all the steps between content and finished product, including:

Copy comes in all shapes and sizes. We'll edit your content with the sensitivity and care you would expect from text specialists. (See if you require only a copy-editing service.)

You specify how you want your publication to look and we'll supply you with an appropriate design, from the bright and cheerful to the elegantly sober.

Copy that is well laid out helps to guide the reader around the page. There's no confusion about which picture goes with which item or about the relative importance of individual stories.

We'll also liaise with the printer to make sure all goes smoothly and to arrange for delivery at the address of your choice. And that's it – job done!